Dark Water To Pennine

Experimental Moving Image & Performance 

photo credits:rosie lonsdale

Dark Water to Pennine

Dark Water to Pennine is a multi-channel video & super-8 installation that documents a fracking site in Lancashire and the surrounding landscape, as an attempt to listen to the spreading of environmental toxicity & sound of the ecological crisis. Dark Water to Pennine acts as an ecological protest film, a mourning song & a proposal for different ways of thinking. Outlining the trace of a journey, the piece uses fragmentary text, documentary, sound & celluloid film processes, travelling like the echoes of the drill from the fracking site in Blackpool to nearby Pendle Hill - a ‘magical’ hill with a radical history, made from layers of ancient carboniferous rocks. Dark Water to Pennine weaves together a swan song for the 'delayed present', seeking time-shifting as a kind of magical protest, that is real & happening around us all the time. 

Dark Water to Pennine : sonic experiments in time travel
Live sound and spoken word performance,

The residual is still active, happening in real-time, not as an element of the past but as an effective element of the present. ---->>Happening in real time, through echoes, delay, residue and memories, we will shift thru deep time & the delayed present. I’ve been thinking a lot about echoes as a kind of time travel. The performance presents fragments of sound-works which too traverses the shifting of tectonic plates, the reverberation of continental drift & the echo of the drill. It’s slippery, an attempt to create a momentary architecture of sound after a year spent thinking about modes of protest & the insidious slipping of ecological & social crisis.