Cosmological Protest

Project concieved during one-week residency at LIMBO, Margate.

A cosmological protest, a party, a riling to the moon, a fuck you to trump, an impossible protest.

 I am interested in using sound to access the hidden histories of place & using the hidden sound of the world as a tool for imagining other possibilities.

In this instance I was attempting to resurrect the ghost tapes of the Cliftonville Lido raves, to summon the spirit of the rave & the history held within the space of the lido. Through word of mouth I gathered stories & memories of half remembered parties and re-imagined the sound of the raves. On the final day of the residency it was Trump’s inaugural visit to the UK & the dawn of the new supermoon. At 3.47am on 13th July we danced together at The Lido to the sounds of the tapes & the rising of the supermoon, hoping to evoke the memory that is held in the ghosts of raves past through the power of the collective moving of bodies.